Monday, September 25, 2006

Hooray for Darvocet!

Greetings earthlings. I write to you today from the land of Back Pain Hell.

When you get married, you take vows to love and honor one another. You promise to be faithful and to be there for your spouse in sickness and in health, blah blah blah. What is unwritten, but perfectly understood by everyone in attendance, is also the silent clause of, "The husband takes the 4 tons of trash out to the curb every week." This is nature's way. It's the order of evolution. It's the way things are because, as my father-in-lawn once (in)famously said, "It's the right thing to do."

This only applies, of course, if the husband is not in San Diego on a business trip.

Yes, in hauling the trash to the curb last night, yours truly tweaked something in her back. Amy is in pain. It hurts Amy to sit, stand, walk, or move. Amy was in pain for the entire 15-minute commute into work, and she took out her frustration in a 10-second delay on an innocent trash truck blocking the road by screaming profanities. Amy thought it was pretty ironic that a trash truck was blocking her progress when the pain in her lower back is a direct result of hauling trash herself.

Amy apparently likes to refer to herself in the third person when under the influence of Darvocet.

Weekend recap: Friday night was spent at Beano's, pricing our garage sale crap. She made an awesome chili dinner (thank you Beanie!), which we all snarfled up like we hadn't eaten in days. Then we (Beanie, Shawn, M and I) adjourned to the basement to price. We discovered that feeding four adults a bean-filled meal and then confining them to a 10-square-foot area in the basement wasn't the smartest idea. Sure made for a lot of laughs, though. Thanks to Grammy for watching the kiddies while we worked.

M and I were back at 6:30 a.m. Saturday to haul our treasures out for sale. We set up the tables, and got all but one wrapped in plastic when the rain started. We ended up sitting in the living room debating whether to wait it out or call it a day. The rain eventually let up, and we put out the goods. It was slow going at first, but then we'd have spurts of busyness in between spurts of rain and wind. Many thanks to Shawn and M for practically running the show. You guys are garage sale kings! Meanwhile, Beans, Grammy and I took advantage of a slow time to order the wedding invites on-line. Yay!

Around noon Grammy made the run to White Castles for lunch and we ate more gas-producing food. What is up with my family and the gaseousness? I swear that is not how Beanie got her nickname.

We called it quits around 1 I think, and while we cleaned up Grammy played banker and tallied up the pot. After lunch, each couple cleared a whopping $26.50. Wooo wooo. Hold me back so I don't spend it all at once. It's still in my wallet, and I feel a little scared carrying around that amount of cash. Will the ATM take a deposit that large? Hopefully by now you can see the sarcasm dripping from these words. Anyway, what we didn't sell went over the front yard fence and sat next to the road, where it was snatched up by passers-by before the evening ended. We were all pretty bummed by the low cash flow, but Shawn said, "Don't think of it in terms of money...think of it in terms of cubic feet!" Brilliant! Our two basements are now clear, clean and organized, and that is priceless.

Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Z. for watching Zozo overnight Friday night and most of Saturday. She had a blast, and we hope you did, too!

Saturday night was a wonderful dinner at Yia Yia's in Chesterfield to celebrate Joann's birthday. We got to catch up with the O'Grady's and with Stuart H., and just kind of hang out with the fam. M and I both got the yellow fin tuna (as rare as you can make it, please!) which was excellent. Zozo was a wonderful little girl, as usual. We are so blessed to have a child whom we can take out to a nice dinner and not have to worry about her melting down. One of her meltdowns is like an average child's good day.

M flew out very early Sunday morning, back to San Diego. This time, though, he got to upgrade to first class, which is great for a long flight like that. I started missing him around the time his car pulled to the end of the driveway to leave.

This, of course, meant that it was just me and Zozo for mass Sunday morning. We did just fine, but my left arm felt like it was made of lead by the end. My baby is getting heavy! Out to breakfast, then a trip to Sam's for gas, milk and other sundries. Home to grab the movies due back to Blockbuster by noon (we turned them in at 11:50...yeah! take that you late-fee Nazis!), then some lunch and playtime before our nap. We had fun yesterday, just me and Zozo, but we miss Daddy so much. I can tell he misses us, too, which breaks my heart even more.

Today is my graduation from The Customer training class here at work. We have to stand up and give a speech in front of our classmates, the trainer, the CEO and the CFO. I wrote mine Friday and think it's decent, but the key will be to see how well I deliver it under the influence of prescription pain killers. Weeeeeee!


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