Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Laclede Gas Rant

M is coming home today...hooray!

Last night was a very relaxing evening hanging out with Zozo. We read lots and lots of books, had some milk, and then went to sleep. An hour after bedtime, though, as I was relaxing on the couch, I heard a squeal. First thought: "One of the cats is yowling." Second thought: "The cats are both right here, and they look as surprised as I do." Apparently Zozo had either not gone to sleep yet, or had woken back up to talk to her stuffed animals. She stands in her crib and talks to them across the room. I know this because I do what every good parent does. I spy on her.

Today I'm feeling a bit kicky, mainly because my man is coming home and I miss him so much, but partly because I'm decked out in pink. Well, I can't really be decked out in pink because our dress code calls for only boring earth tones, black and white. So I rebel with accessories. I'm wearing a cool hot pink scarf my mama got me that has "A's" all over it, a hot pink watch with a square face and rhinestones around the bevel, a hot pink "pearl" necklace (I put pearl in quotes because I'm pretty sure real pearls don't come in hot pink...perhaps I should have just written "faux pearls," but even that gives them more credit than they're due), and my dangly earrings with pink rhinestones.

At this very moment, in an office in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Stef is retching into her trash can. (She hates pink. Hates it.)

Today I have to call my buddies at Laclede Gas. We received a letter in the mail a couple of weeks ago stating that they need to inspect our piping and metering equipment. Blah blah blah. We just had a new freakin' meter installed near the end of last year, so I figure it was pretty much inspected then. Stuck the note in my "to-do" file and then promptly forgot about it. Last night there was another letter from Laclede...if I don't call them to schedule the appointment now, they will turn off my gas and then charge me a $54 reconnection fee. Bastards.

Just called 'em. The snippy pre-recorded on-hold lady told me my wait was going to be between 10 and 13 minutes, and offered to have someone call me back. I chose to wait, and a very nice man picked up within a minute and a half. The on-hold lady should coordinate with him, because that was quite a short wait compared to the 10 to 13 minutes she threatened me with. Someone will be at our house on Saturday, October 7 between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. Which means they'll knock on the door at 11:59 p.m.

Let me just state here that I despise Laclede Gas. I have had to call those people more times than I care to remember, mainly over their billing screwups. For about six months in a row late last year/early this year, we kept getting "adjusted bills." Except for November, for which we weren't billed at all because they claimed we overpaid. You don't say?! Grrrr. Reading their bills is like me, an white American Catholic girl, trying to decipher the Koran. Doesn't help when I have the Budget Nazi leaning over my shoulder asking, "What does that mean?" After many rounds of "discussions" (M thinks calling them discussions instead of fights makes them sound doesn't, trust me) I finally made him call Laclede himself. He couldn't explain it any better than I had, but at least he finally saw what I was dealing with.

I'm absolutely amazed at the ease with which I just scheduled this appointment. It's the first time ever, in dealing with Laclede, that I didn't feel like throwing the phone across the room.

I have to send a belated thank you out to Grammy for babysitting Zozo last Friday night while we had Date Night. This is what happens when you don't post in two or three days. Things slip through the cracks. Bad blogger...bad! Grammy brought her Magic Toes with her that night, as Zozo was completely mesmerized by her bright nail polish and cracked up laughing whenever she saw them. They had so much fun together that Grammy did what grammies are supposed to do...she kept her up a bit past her bedtime. So anyway, thank you to Grammy for staying with Zozo that night and for having fun with her. It was good Zozo/Grammy bonding time!

Since Zozo was calling me "Bob" for awhile, Papa decided that Grammy should be GramBob, and he'd be GrampBob. Grammy, as you can guess, is not appreciative of her new appellation, but it cracks me up everytime he says it.


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