Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Beanie's Blog

So, after an unsuccessful foray into the world of blogging at, Beanie has decided to join her friends on MySpace. Apparently MySpace is quite the deal, as something like a hundred million people are on there, and cousin Marty (the Party) jumped the ship and went there, and now Beanie has her space there. I added a link to her page over there on the right, with my other links.

I shall, however, stay here in my humble digs at blogger. You know all those posts I did about hating clutter and such? Yeah, MySpace is so not for me. It is, however, perfect for Beano, as she's done more in the short time she's been on there than in the months since she started her blogger page. You really must visit...there are photographs of our adorable children posted. And you can play with her virtual pet, a brown dog named Mocha, which is suspicious since she actually owns a brown dog named Mocha. It's a kick though, and I just fed a bunch of doggy treats to her virtual pet.

Speaking of pets...have ya'all heard about the insane In Defense of Animals campaign to raise awareness about animal rights? Yeah, um, apparently they've decided that "pet owner" is a derogatory term and that humans don't own animals. Tell that to my checkbook, which has shelled out hundreds of dollars for the two furry creatures I brought into my home and have sustained for years. Anyway, animals aren't pets now, they are companions. And humans don't own them...they are guardians for them. Because two cats live with me, I am now a companion guardian. Whatever. Get over it, people. There are much bigger problems in the world than worrying about offending the already over-inflated egos of my kitty cats. Look, I'm all for decent, humane treatment of animals...actually, I'm all for decent, humane treatment of all living things. But in my world, thanks to the food chain and the size of my brain, people...come...first.


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