Thursday, September 21, 2006

'Cause I'm a woooooman...

Daddy's home! Yaaaaaaay!

It was so cute to see both their faces light up when they saw each other last night. I'm not sure who was happier. After vacuuming the house, participating in a telephone survey about state politics (McCaskill v. Talent), caring for Zozo and preparing a delectable meal (baked chicken, peas, julienne potatoes and fresh peaches...yes, I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan...), I let them have Zozo/Daddy time in the library while I cleaned up dinner. They read books and flipped through nature flashcards.

After Zozo went down for the night, M and I relaxed and watched the taped Studio 60 from Monday night. If they can keep it up, the show will rock. First one was great, I thought. I mean, it's no West Wing (nothing will ever replace West Wing), but it was smart, quick and witty. There were also moments of drama. How can ya beat that?

Nothing exciting at home, really, which suits me just fine. It was a lovely "normal" evening. M leaves again Sunday morning, which totally stinks, but it must be done. He'll return Thursday night.

I've been in major organizing mode again, both at home and at work. Yesterday afternoon I cleaned off my desk and my set of bookshelves. I feel like I can breathe again. I had a ton of paper and old industry magazines, so I stopped by church this morning before coming into work and emptied my trunk into the paper recycler.

Ugh. I'm not feeling particularly witty this morning. I keep typing sentences, reading them, and thinking, "Well, that sucks." and then deleting them. Which is why you're getting discourses on my recycling efforts.

All right then. Let's just end this right now, shall we? Will try again later. My apologies for the boring post.


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