Thursday, September 14, 2006


Okay, first things first...meaning, I have to type it while it's top of mind so I don't forget once I get on with my ramblings...

Happy birthday to Aunt Jo and Aunt Shelly!!! We hope you both have a great day, and we love you very much! Today is also Uncle Jerry's birthday, but since he no longer speaks to any of us, I'm not going to send him a birthday shout-out. I'll send a birthday whisper though, because everyone, even jerks, deserve to have a nice birthday.

Now back to the musings of my mind.

Last night we (M and I) totally jammed on our Things To Do list. The TTD is this never-ending Word document that we continually e-mail back and forth to each other, always adding new things and, on good days, deleting what we've accomplished. On bad days, we add more than we delete.

Last night we got a bunch more shrubberies planted, Zoe's clothes sorted and organized (it was time to clean out her drawers as I was sick of poking through 3-month sizes to get to the onesies that fit her now), the guest room cleaned up (which means Steffi is free to come visit anytime...really...anytime), the oven light replaced (it hasn't worked since we moved in, so this was a big accomplishment), and Zoe's birth announcement sent to the UMR alumni magazine. Yeah, I know, we're only a year late, but whatever. At least it finally got done. There are other birth announcements in there that are over a year late, so I figure Rolla alums are just extremely busy people.

This morning I emptied the dishwasher, stopped by the bank, and recycled the steel helium tank from Zoe's party balloons, a telephone book and four giant trashbags of clothes, all on the way in to work. It feels really good to have an empty trunk.

Our empty trunk (and garage), of course, means an overflowing truck for Shawn and Beans. They came and picked up our enormous pile of garage sale goodies (thank you Shawn and Beans!). Beans swears that the pile tripled since the last time she saw it, but alas, it's the same pile. We're having our joint garage sale in a few weeks, during which we'll blow all the money we're making on beer and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. We have our priorities. I just realized that I typed "joint garage sale" and that it might be misconstrued. I meant joint garage sale as in multiple families. Not a garage sale of pot. Weed. Hash. Mary Jane. Hey Beans, you can hide your weeeeeed in there.

Nothing much else to report, except that we're both extremely tired, but happy to be able to delete many lines from the TTD list today.

Oh, I need some input from ya'all. We were discussing anniversary presents last night, as our 9th wedding anniversary is right around the corner, and we need some help. Big time. Because all we could come up with for "joint gift" ideas was a new ceiling fan for our bedroom, or shutters for the house. Methinks shutters are not the most romantic presents in the world, nor are they the appropriate gift for a ninth wedding anniversary. I think shutters are for 13 years, actually.

Seriously, how boring are we that the best idea we can come up with to show our love for one another is a ceiling fan? Although, to be fair, I must admit that it would have a remote, which means that we'll no longer lay in bed at night going, "Get the light." "No, you get the light." "I did it last night. It's your turn tonight." "I can sleep with the light on...can you?" Come to think of it...a new ceiling fan might actually be just the thing to strengthen our marriage.


Anonymous Stef said...

If buying a ceiling fan for the 9th anniversary is romantic, what does breaking one signify?

10:25 PM  

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