Sunday, September 17, 2006

Weekend Recap

Apparently my "new" viewers are a little freaked that I haven't posted since Thursday, so, to Papa, welcome to my blog! Every once in awhile I go dormant for a few days. Normally because I get really busy and time just slips past.

Friday I didn't post because my day was all screwy. It's always like that when I have to be at our O'Fallon spa for an 8 a.m. staff meeting. Plus, I stopped at Chesterfield on the way back in, so I didn't make it into my office until almost 11. That throws a girl off her schedule.

Funny thing about Friday...I got to try on an obscenely expensive pair of glasses. Clarkson Eye Center is right next to our Chesterfield location, and we work a little discount deal with them. Only problem is that even with our discount there, I still can't afford the place. My officemate, however, can, and she had to stop in there Friday for something (we carpooled to O'Fallon). While there, trying on funky glasses of course, we spoke with Bill or James or whatever the guy's name is who helps my officemate. I was pretty psyched about getting to wear a pair of Chanel sunglasses (it's the only time in my life I'll ever get to wear Chanel), when he had me try on a pair of "regular" frames. The side pieces were sparkly, but other than that they were nothing to shout about. Turns out those sparklies were genuine Swarovsky crystals, and those frames were $1,380 without the lenses. Damn. I have Nikkor lenses that didn't cost that much. So that was my excitement Friday.

Friday night we had Date Night at the ballgame, and I watched the entire thing clearly through my $80 Sam's glasses.

Saturday morning we were up early and on the way to Affton for the Affton Days Parade. There's just something about a parade... Got some great shots, but haven't dumped them into the Mac yet. It was Zozo's first parade, and she loved it. She waved a little American flag the whole time, tiny patriot that she is. Have some shots of her, too, of course, but they're on the same card as the aforementioned ones, which means they're not in the Mac yet either. Spent the rest of the day cleaning the house while M ran around the yard. That night we went to Macy's, where yours truly got some much-needed dress slacks for work, and a funky red faux croc purse. It's very cute. I tried to find a photo on the internet to show you, but can't, which is odd, because you can find photos of darn near anything on the internet. Well, you'll just have to wait 'til the next time you see me to see my fabulous new bag.

Today we did a Target run, which was desperately needed as we haven't been to Target in about a month. That was pretty much it. Farted around the house. M did get our garage door fixed, which is great. Rams lost, which stunk, and Cards got rained out, so it wasn't a great sports day for The Lou. Bruce Sutter did, however, get his number retired by the Cardinals today, so congrats to Bruce!

So now, here I sit, trying to write while M gets ready to leave on his business trip in the morning. I say trying to write, because so far I've had to break off to find his stack of frequent flyer membership cards back from when he was a true road warrior, his supply of mechanical pencil leads, and his ream of graph paper. We're a pretty good team, he and I. I can find everything he loses, and he can fix everything we break.

Okay, so since I didn't post yesterday I didn't have the chance to send Birthday Greetings to Michelle and Aunt Mary. Happy Birthday to you both! Also, today is Angie's birthday, so a warm Happy Birthday to you, too! Dang...what is it with our family and the September birthdays? There must be something happenin' in January! Tomorrow, in case I forget, is Margaret and Jim's anniversary - 24 years! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to you! Now if that doesn't make it to the Celebrity Car Wash sign, I don't know what will. Seriously though, Jim, you gotta get her something more than a posting on the car wash sign. Perhaps a ceiling fan.

Thursday is the Feast of Saint Matthew, and Saturday is the official start of Autumn. I know this because the family calendar is hanging right next to me, and I'm on a roll with posting special events. So, if I missed yours recently, many apologies, but I don't always post while sitting right next to the calendar.


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