Monday, September 25, 2006

Parade Images

I've been remiss in posting images lately...many apologies.

Here are some shots from the Affton Day's Parade a couple of weekends ago.

Waiting for the parade to start.

My family, on the parade route.
L-R (seated): Auntie Betty, Granny, Grammy and Joey.
L-R (standing): Beanie, Zozo and M (Daddy)

Here it comes, Zoe! Wave! Yay!

Obviously he's done this before.
Who can resist an adorable boy in camo pants and cowboy boots?
Obviously not many people, as his bag was stuffed with candy by the end.

Breaktime. Picking up candy is hard work, so sometimes it's good to take a breather by sitting on Grammy's lap. Methinks Joey needs sunglasses. I think Ray-Bans would complete the ensemble.

How cute is our little patriot?

She was so cute, I just kept clicking.
The guy ain't so bad, either.

The parade ends. Zozo sleeps.


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