Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Look, Ma! No cavities!

When your husband is gone on a business trip, many things occur to you. Things such as, "Wow, caring for a child alone is hard." And, "Lift with your knees next time you take out the trash, you stupid idiot."

Then there is the typical stuff, like turning in to bed at night and feeling all alone. Or coming home to an empty house. Or seeing one of the cats do something really crazy and having no one to laugh with. (At this point, I typically just resort to talking to the other cat, who is usually quite happy to agree with me.)

But what really surprises me, over and over again, are the little "pows" that hit you when you least expect it. Like getting ready for bed at night and opening the toothpaste drawer and seeing only my toothpaste in there, all by itself. Pow. Normally my Crest likes to snuggle with his Colgate. (Yes, we use different toothpastes. He was raised on Colgate, I on Crest, and neither of us is willing to budge one inch and admit that the other person might have perfectly fine toothpaste. Although, when I was pregnant I didn't care for the taste of my Crest and temporarily used his Colgate. I never told him. Hee hee.)

Or in the morning when I open the mirror cabinet over the bathroom sink and there are holes where his deodorant and brush normally sit. Pow.

Or coming in the door at night and not having to kick his gigantic Birkenstocks out of my way. Pow. As much as that annoys the heck out of me when he's here, I'd wouldn't mind it at all to have to do that tomorrow.

I miss you, M.


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