Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Houston, we have a tooth coming in

Last night we went to the ballgame to celebrate Uncle Milt's birthday. Dad/Grandpa Z bought us a whole group of bleacher seats and we all surprised Milt by meeting them there. It was a great time. Perfect night, and great to see the field from a different vantage point. Cardinals were hot, too, and we got to see yet another stellar game by Carp. Mom/Grandma Z even caught a ball tossed by the Astros centerfielder after he warmed up!

We left early due to being parents of a small child and all. Doodle was her usual perfect self and watched some of the game in between slurping on her hand and grossing out her dad. Big news on the Doodle front...she has a tooth coming in! Finally! It's her lower right front tooth, and you can see it just below the surface. She's going to look so different with teeth! We're very used to her gummy little grin now.

Not much else going on. Oh, I'm getting my brows done today (thank God!) and I'm getting my hair colored. Shhhh on that last one. Don't tell M. He doesn't know yet. I figured I'd just surprise him by showing up with different hair tonight. I'm not going all wild or anything like that...just dark for fall/winter. Time for the highlights to go. I never used to do anything to my hair until I started working at the spa. Now I have seasonal hair colors. Go figure.

That reminds me...September 19-21 is our Fall Color Event, where we are debuting our Fall/Winter make-up colors. You can come in and get your make-up done (for free!) and receive complimentary food and beverages (wine!), the latest and greatest tips and tricks to look fabulous, and even a special gift-with-purchase from Cargo Cosmetics. For those of you who haven't tried Cargo, I highly recommend it. It's make-up that doesn't look like make-up. High quality, too. Cargo mascara is the only mascara I have found (and trust me, I've been looking for years) that doesn't end up more on my face and less on my lashes by the end of the day. Good stuff. You can check it out yourself by coming to our Fall Color Event. Make an appointment, though, because the slots get filled quickly! Your truly will be getting hers done, because she hasn't done a thing with her make-up for about five years and really should branch out a bit and maximize her most fabulous self. Besides, I'll need new make-up colors to go with my new hair color.

In the meantime, I'll continue gimping along the last little granules of face powder I have left, since I think it's fruitless to purchase a new compact when I'll be getting all fabulous with new stuff next week.

Well, now, I suppose I do have a lot more going on than I thought, didn't I?


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