Monday, September 11, 2006


It's a rather gloomy Monday, which sorta fits my mood right now. No particular reason to be gloomy really, just feeling a bit Eeyore-ish.

One thing I do not have to feel gloomy about, is my hubby. He was a rock star in the yard this weekend. The boy spent all day Saturday (and I do mean, all day) plugging the yard. Then he spent most of Sunday purchasing shrubs and landscaping goodies, and then digging holes and planting. The only reason he wasn't out there the entire day is that we went to mass in the morning and out to eat with the fam for Uncle Milt's birthday. Happy Birthday Uncle Milt!

So anyway, I'm totally jazzed about the front yard. I have to admit, I've been rather dreading that project, as neither of us knows diddly about landscaping. But my boy did good. Our front yard is going to look so beautiful, and he deserves all the credit. I hid inside with the baby and he took charge. When he's got a vision, he's got a vision. Just you all wait until Christmas (wink wink!).

Perhaps I'm a bit gloomy today because of the date. Can't believe it's been five years since 9/11.

Perhaps I'm a bit gloomy because my stupid phone keeps ringing and I'm not in the mood to talk. To anyone. Grrrrr.

Perhaps I'm a bit gloomy because the weekend flew by and I already miss Zozo today.

Perhaps it's hormonal. I'm a woman, after all.


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