Sunday, September 10, 2006 THAT'S what she ate for dinner

There are many great things about family. But, two of the best things happened tonight. We went out to eat for Uncle Milt's birthday and our baby, precious little girl, blew chunks at the table (that's not the best thing that happened...stick with me...I'm getting to it). This tiny creature has the worst gag reflex I've ever seen, and that last little bit of pasta triggered it. Anyway, our whole family looked at us with sympathy, a collective "been there...cleaned that up" sort of look. Then the womenfolk kicked in and helped. There was no judging or looks of disgust or comments about how we must be idiot parents for shoveling that last spoonful of mostaccioli in her piehole. How cool is that?!

I did notice that the very pregnant woman at the table next to ours looked on in horror. I must admit I chuckled a little bit at that. Hee. Just wait, sister. Your day will come. I remember that feeling, though, and deciding that we simply would not leave the house until Zozo was in her teens. But that gets old quick and you soon learn to not care about what other people think when your child is in need because she's covered in her own vomit.

The other great thing about family is when your little girl (yes, the aforementioned cookie tosser) does "sooo biiiig!" with her hands and the entire room of adults follows suit. I don't remember how many times she conducted us like a symphony, but it was many, and it made my heart sing.

So thank you, Z family, for your caring, compassion, laughs and love. You will never know how much I appreciate you!

An early happy birthday shout-out to Uncle Milt! Hope you have a great day! We love you!


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