Thursday, August 24, 2006

Would it be "Choo, Jimmy" in the Yellow Pages?

Tomorrow is Girls Day Out for Bridal Beano and her Merry Bridesmaids. We're going to try on The Bridesmaid Dress, and The Gloves, and we're going to ABC Trading to look at jewelry (love love love that store...where else can you get a whole handful of jewelry for under $5?), and Payless to look at shoes (any time is a good time for shoe shopping). So yeah, total girly day. Beanie's bridesmaids are all very cool and fun (especially her maid of honor, which just so happens to be moi), so the day should be a blast. I'm really looking forward to it, because of the whole sister bonding thing, but also because I now have a legitimate excuse to buy a beautiful dress, gorgeous shoes, and lovely jewelry. "But M, I had to!" Yay!

Have been busily scavenging through my last three issues of InStyle to get ideas, which is always dangerous. It's dangerous because looking through InStyle, you start to get a completely warped sense of value. When you've got page after page of Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos, which are not inexpensive shoes, then suddenly $265 for a pair of Cole Haan's looks perfectly reasonable.

I'll just say this: my closet would be a lot more fun if I had unlimited financial resources at my disposal.

Not a whole lot going on today. Must work with the Yellow Pages rats to get our contract finalized for next year's book. I hate these people. It's impossible to see what you're really getting, and you always feel like you're getting screwed. The billing is indecipherable, so I'm always left with the feeling that we're paying a lot more than what we signed up for. I've had to handle Yellow Pages advertising since I was at the first Red Cross, and it's always been a burr under my saddle. My big bone of contention these days is that it's simply a waste of money, because people don't use the Yellow Pages like they used to. Can't tell you the last time we did at home. Nope...everything gets Googled. I'd rather take the Yellow Pages budget and apply it directly to my salary, which would then enable me to purchase quite a few pairs of the aforementioned shoes.


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