Thursday, August 17, 2006

Can't we celebrate my birthWEEK?!

Ah, the post-birthday blues. This is the day reality sets in. Yep, I'm another year older, but no one's bringing me balloons or flowers. (Yes, for the first time in years, my hubby sent me flowers! Beautiful, beautiful, gorgeous Gerber Daisies - my favorite - arrived at my desk shortly before noon yesterday...he got major brownie points!)

Many thanks to all the generous people who showered me with attention and gifts made my day very special!

So, today, it's back to the ol' grind, which isn't half bad, actually. I like it when things plug along. Management meeting today, which means a yummy lunch (yours truly ordered the CEO Tenderloin samich again).

Cloyd had his first round of chemo yesterday, and was doing well enough to come into the office in the afternoon. I'm anxious to hear how he's doing today, as I know that there is a delayed reaction to all that.

M is fighting a head cold, which is icky. He's feeling better today (I let him sleep in) and will probably be at work in the next hour or two. Beano has a bit of a cold as well, so something must be going around.

I called Beano this morning and JoJo answered the phone. So cute! Here is the conversation:

"Hi JoJo! How are you?"
"Who is this?"
"This is Aunt Amy. Who is this?"
"Joey. Where's Doodlebug?"
"Doodlebug is at her grandma's."
"Where are you?"
"I'm at work."
"I'm watching Bugs Bunny. Love you! Bye!"

He's absolutely adorable. He took the phone to Beano, yelling "'s Aunt Amy!" This was the first time he answered the phone when I called, so I guess this means he's growing up. Sigh. Happens too fast.

Nothing much else to report here. Time to go get my morning beverage and finish my bagel.


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