Tuesday, August 15, 2006

If it weren't for Mondays, we'd hate Tuesdays

Dinner out last night with Her Highness, which was actually quite nice. I had lasagne florentine, all you can eat salad (which was very, very vinegary, which normally I love, but this was obscenely vinegary), and a cannoli for dessert. A lovely glass of Pinot and some t-rav appetizers rounded out the meal. After we were all done stuffing our gullets, of course, Grandma announced that she had made a birthday cake for me and we were to come over to her house to eat it. Zozo had other plans, though, so everyone came back to our house for some playtime before the night bottle and bedtime. They all had cake, but my stomach was threatening to revolt if I crammed one more thing into it, so I saved my cake for today.

Today is a birthday lunch with my dear friend Ping from Red Cross. We're meeting at Kayak's, which is a great place that I highly recommend. Ping is one of those people, though, that you could meet at Taco Bell and have just as great a meal. She's really funny and very cool, so I always look forward to our lunches.

This morning M and I carpooled, and we had to stop and get gas (since we were on fumes, as usual, thanks to M always wanting to push the envelope). He estimated we'd blow $46. As the numbers ticked up, and we breezed past $46, he started to sweat. He pleaded with the car and the gas pump, "Please, please don't go over 50 bucks! It'll break my heart!" We both totally cracked up laughing when the pump clicked off precisely at $49.99. Guess you had to be there, but it was really funny, trust me.

I have to send lots of gratitude out to little sis Beans, who totally cheered me up yesterday with a hilarious e-mail. Here is the best part:

Life is too freakin short. So seriously, just sit back, take a deep breath and smile, think of M, Zoe and all the wonderful people in your life and smile knowing that you can't fix stupid, the weather (humidity), and if it wasn't for Mondays, we would hate Tuesdays!

You know, I shouldn't be surprised anymore, but it just kills me when my leetle sister comes up with wisdom like this.

Gotta go for now. I ate my breakfast bagel while sitting here typing, and now I have crumbies all over my boobies. Now that's professional.


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