Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday. Bummer.

The humidity is 108% and it's Monday morning. This week I turn another year older and there's not a damn thing I can do about it. I have my customer training class today, which I was so looking forward to until my Spa Nemesis seated herself at my table and proceeded to take over every single discussion. Need I say any more about my mood this morning?

I had two bright spots in my morning, however. The first was seeing Zozo wake up with a huge smile, and feeling her hug when I picked her up out of her crib. That feeling is enough to send me over the moon. The second bright spot was getting to spend a bit of time with M on the way in. We carpooled today, and will for the next three days, as it's the end of our budget month and we're trying to save having to go get gas for the Blue Devil (i.e. his car). God, I hate having to count every single penny. I know it's totally fiscally responsible and "the right thing to do," but it's not fun at all.

My goal is to be independently wealthy...I'm just not quite sure how to get there. We always joke that we need to win the lottery, which would mean that we actually need to play the lottery.

So anyway, I do enjoy spending some time with M in the morning, although the control freak/worrier in me hates giving up my car for the day. What if something happens with Zoe? What if I need to go somewhere? Those of you who know me at all know that one of my biggest peeves is being dependent on others for a ride. Perhaps it stems from the couple times my mom forgot to pick me up after school and I sat there for a couple hours. Who knows why I am this way. I just am. Why don't you drop M off at work, you ask? Well, because it's more logical for M to drop me off (and we all know that logic rules in the Z house, because I'm married to the Vulcan Spock). You would think the boy would learn that it's not worth getting me all in a tizzy and that he'd just let me have the damn car for the day, but nooooo. Every time it happens, and my tizzy commences, he looks at me in utter amazement, to which I respond, "Don't even try to figure it out. I'm a woman and you'll never, ever figure any of us out."

Going to dinner tonight with Her Highness Grandma S. She's taking me out for my birthday to the restaurant of her choosing. We (the fam) always have a good laugh over that. She very generously offers to take each of us in turn out for our birthdays, and then she chooses the place. It's usually Rich & Charlie's, which isn't a bad place by any means, it's just really funny that she never allows the guest of honor to choose. I do believe we've celebrated M's birthday, Carol's birthday, Mike's birthday, my birthday and Carol and Mike's anniversary at Rich & Charlie's now. I think she might be getting kick-backs from either Rich or Charlie, or both, for all the business she provides. I wonder if they know she's descended from royalty.

Time to go get my green tea and practice my countess wave.


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