Sunday, August 13, 2006

T-Minus Two Days

Some days you feel like a nut. Some days you don't. And some days you don't feel like posting at all.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday/swim party at her house, so we were pretty much tied up the whole day there. Tired and still semi-intoxicated when I got home, so posting was definitely out of the question then. Today was a hodge-podge of stuff.

After church, we went for brunch at Bristol with Mom and Dad (Grandma and Grandpa) Z, and Her Highness Grandma S. I call her "Her Highness" because we recently discovered, from her, that she is indeed descended from royalty. We're not quite sure how true that is, but we've decided that M must be a count, at least, which makes me and Zoe countesses. Is that the plural of countess? Or would it be countessi? Anyway, we're royalty now, which is pretty damn cool.

The brunch was fantastic. Well, anytime you have a big dude named Steve whipping up kick-ass omelets to order it's gonna be good. Oh yeah, and the chocolate fountain didn't hurt, either. Many, many thanks to Mom and Dad Z for an awesome "early birthday" brunch.

Post-brunch was hanging out at home. M worked outside and I dallied around inside after Zoe went down for her nap. I managed to get the house picked up and some stuff cleaned, all while also getting in a few episodes of Sex and the City (SATC for those of us who are "regulars," and oh yeah, for future reference, the acronym SJP is the lovely Sarah Jessica Parker). Love that show, although it does make me want to buy more shoes. And clothes. And clutch handbags. Sigh. Steffi claims I have a bit of a girl crush on SJP, and I must admit I think she's right. She's cute as a button and can run down cobblestone streets in stilettos. Man, that's cool.

This evening was spent hanging out with M, making dinner and such, and then playing with Zozo. Well, playing with Zozo this evening was mostly cuddling and comforting her, as she's finally hitting the teething stage. We've figured this out due to two big clues: 1.) she can't keep her fingers out of her mouth and 2.) she starts crying for no reason (very unlike her). Poor baby. I know she's in pain, and I also know there's not much we can do for her...she's just gonna have to suck it up until those pearls pop through the surface. We gave her night bottle to her cold, to help ease the pain, and that seemed to work quite well, so we'll keep doing that.

After she went down we called Steffi back and got all caught up with her (although that does not mean you're off the hook with e-mailing, girlfriend; you better stay in touch!).

Not much else to report here. A relatively quiet and uneventful weekend, which is good.

This week is the birthday week, which is simultaneously making me happy and sad at the same time. This aging stuff sucks. Although I must say, thanks to my wonderful esthetician Erin and the regular use of Dr. Murad's products, my skin has never looked better. Now if I can only find a product that dissolves hips, thighs, and the tummy while toning arms and calves, I'd be in heaven. I hate the fact that the only way to get in shape is to actually work at it. What fun is that?!

Well, speaking of birthdays, just in case M reads this before Wednesday after work (when he'll do his usual stop by Schnucks to buy a coupletwothree roses for me...his predictability is adorable!), here's my birthday wish list for my husband:

1. Tiffany bracelet (you know which one)
2. Louis Vuitton purse (a real one, and not a wristlet either. A big one I can carry all my stuff in)
3. Nikon flash (just talk to the guys at Schiller's and tell 'em I'm shootin' a D100; they'll point you in the right direction)
4. Dinner at the new Busch's Grove (sans teething child, whose screams of pain would probably drown out the live jazz)
5. Flowers delivered to work (so I can make all the girls jealous)
6. A pair of Manolo Blahniks or Jimmy Choo's. Preferably one pair of each. Style doesn't matter, I'll just buy an outfit to match. Size 8.5 please. (These will also make all the girls at work jealous)
7. A four-hour shopping spree at Nordstrom, where you go with me and do not roll your eyes every time I try something on and say, "I think I'll get this..."
8. A year's supply of Waterway or Gas House Car Wash coupons, so I don't have to drive around in the crud-mobile any more
9. Turtles from Lake Forest Confections
10. Any of the books/DVDs/CDs from my wish list

See, I made a ton of room with all my cleaning out/purging, so now I gots to fill it with stuff again.

Just realized that in my recap of the weekend's events, I forgot to include Friday night. First of all, a giant thank you goes out to Aunt Beans and Uncle Shawn for watching The Bug for us. We really appreciate it! Second, a giant "nyah nyah" goes out to Ryan and Michelle, who's butts we kicked at miniature golf. Ha! I'm pretty sure Ryan was ready to wrap his club around a tree by the end of the evening, but I hope he had a good time despite his pathetic loss to us, and especially to me, who doesn't even try to aim when putting. I'll be posting the scorecard for that evening once I can get it scanned in, so the whole world can see. And, just so ya'all know, Ryan kept score, so it wasn't like we cheated. Ha!


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