Wednesday, February 13, 2013



Crammed day, but it all went without a hitch (except for one of our first graders vomiting at the end of the gospel reading at this morning's Mass, and the junior school boy dissolving in tears around noon when he was supposed to sell tickets to this week's musical, and the ear-piercing screams that are endemic of Daisy troop meetings).

Holy craziness. Somehow, through every minute, I felt like I was exactly where I needed to be. After the child tossed her cookies and the teacher escorted her out, I slipped in to Mrs. F's spot and attempted to keep the remaining first graders focused on the homily until she returned. When the boy lost his shit in the theatre, where I had gone to purchase our tickets, I took the tickets and the cash box out to the front desk to sell so his teacher could console him.

And despite the fact that I want large amounts of alcohol and a nap after every Daisy troop meeting, I'm always so pleased and happy that I'm one of the two troop leaders and feel that we really are making a difference. Today we made Valentines for the seminarians. I figured guys training up to be priests probably don't get Valentines. (I'll deliver them to the seminary tomorrow, along with a cover letter explaining that they were created by first grade girls. Which should be loosely translated to read, "So be prepared for some, uh, creativity." My favorite cards included messages like "Thanks for praying for us. I'll pray for you, too." "I love my priest." and "I hope you're becoming a good person. And that your school is going good."

I had a shitload of work to do tonight, after getting home from Scouts. Dead on my feet after those meetings, I decided to muscle through. Work got done. The Valentines are sorted and enveloped and addressed. The Father/Daughter dance pix are enveloped and labeled for the teachers to distribute tomorrow. Four loads of laundry sorted, washed, dried and folded. (I'm drawing the line here...will put it all away tomorrow.)

Stopped by The House today, and it seems to be moving along at breathtaking speed now. All three garage doors installed today, plus many interior and pocket doors. The floating kitchen shelves are going up. Those are a huge relief. One of those crazy ass ideas I had that I went for, and then hoped and prayed they'd look as good in reality as they do in my mind. Same thing with paint colors, trim stain, cabinet stain, etc. You pick all this stuff out in a virtual vacuum, or with weensy samples that don't really give you a clue as to what it will REALLY look like, and what it'll look like altogether. The next big "hold your breath" moment will come when they install the red countertops in the kitchen.

What a great, great day. The universe knows exactly where I'm supposed to be right now, and here I am.


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