Monday, February 11, 2013

lasagna love


I finally had time to make M lasagna today. I've been wanting to ever since his birthday last month but didn't have a block of afternoon time to pull it together.

These final days of building are wearing us thin. I feel like we are shells of our normal selves, too consumed in all-things construction and not enough in the daily joys of life. Our average evening consists of sitting around thinking of things we need to ask the contractor. This, as you can imagine, does not lift the spirit. The soul does not soar with "who fixes the gap between the beams and the east/west walls" and "did you order the bathroom tile yet?"

In a vain attempt to make myself feel better I have begun packing small boxes of things I know we'll not need for the next couple of months. Doo-dads that decorate (read: clutter) my desk, candles, things like that. As a result, my desk is nearly clean for the first time in months. Zoe needs to take a photo of her baptism to school tomorrow so last night I sat at my computer to find it in my archives. She and M were at their second father/daughter dance and we were still a couple hours away from dodgeball and my friend/ride hadn't returned from dropping her son off at camp yet. This meant I had 20 minutes, a clean desk and a photography-related mission.

It was a homecoming. All I did was find an image, do some minor edits and upload to Walgreens for printing and it made me so damn happy.

I have said it before. I want my life back. I want my house back. I want my husband back. I want myself back.

One month. We are about one month away. I just gotta hold on.


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