Friday, February 08, 2013



Today was mostly awesome. I'd say 99% awesome.

Zoe and I got to see the most amazing rainbows this morning, all the way from home to school. She was thrilled. Great start to the day.

Then there was Starbucks. Mmmmm. Mocha.

Once I got to work I had all sorts of visitors stop by to see how I was feeling. I felt very loved. I completed my major weekly Thursday project on time and with little stress, and knocked out a few other items to boot.

We had a 1 3/4 hour meeting with the GC at the house this afternoon, which went well. Progress on the hardwood floor and window trims since I was there last (and it's looking beautiful!).

Home to wolf down food before heading out to a neighborhood Girl Scout meeting where I learned all kinds of great info that helps me be a better leader. Good stuff.

Back at home, I got caught up on personal email, sent an update to my troop's parents, and finished a work task that lingered from having to leave a bit early this afternoon for the GC meeting.

All of this adds up to a day of awesome.

Except for that point late this afternoon where the stomach issues went, "Oh no, no, no. Not so fast, missy. You think you're good to go? THINK AGAIN! Waaaa haaaaa haaaaa."

Not sure if this is a relapse, or a new round, or something else entirely, but it's not feelin' so great. Gurgles and other odd noises emanating from the abdominal region, cramping, and lots of running to the bathroom, which I don't really have time for. Stupid bellyache.

Seriously, though? A day that starts with incredible beauty simply can't be anything but extraordinary. Especially when God plants one end of the rainbow right in your church. I get it, Big Guy. I'm listening!


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