Friday, March 13, 2009

New Crayons

It's the first day of school! M and I start our new term today, and even though I'm still tired from the last one and want grad school to be over already dammit, I get a little thrill on the first day of class. Everything is clean and fresh and I haven't gotten pissed at the instructor or moronic classmates yet. (I'm ready to throw the Org Behavior prof from last term under the bus at this point...we're a week out from the close of last term and he still hasn't graded any of the work from the second half of the term, which of course means we don't have our course grade yet either.)

I remember my mom taking me shopping for school supplies at the start of every school year. Packs of lined notebook paper (it was way cool the year I got to get college-ruled paper), spiral notebooks, new pencils, crayons, erasers, etc. Anyone out there remember the awesomely cool Trapper Keepers? Okay, so this just proves that I'm a nerd of the highest order, but I loved shopping for new school supplies. Since Zozer isn't old enough to shop for yet, I've taken to expressing my glee for Elmer's glue and rulers by purchasing a bookbag full of stuff for an underprivileged child through a program our church runs. M just shakes his head and laughs as I push my cart happily through Target, exclaiming, "Smell these new crayons! Isn't that heaven?!"

So, even though I haven't purchased a single "official" school supply for our graduate courses (we don't get to use crayons for homework, unfortunately) (and overpriced textbooks don't count as school supplies), I still get a thrill just reviewing our syllabi and cracking open our new textbooks.

Here's what's in store for the next nine weeks:

Economics (or, officially, BUSN 5620: Current Economic Analysis): Implications of current economic events are examined through the applications of economic theory. Emphasis is placed on acquainting the student with the methods of economic analysis in the context of current economic issues.

Current economic issues? We have issues with the economy right now? This might be interesting.

Ops and PM (or, officially, BUSN 6110: Operations and Project Management): This is a course that focuses on the major managerial issues in manufacturing management and the tools that can be used to manage them.

I'm a little worried that the word "manage" or some iteration of it was used thrice in one sentence, but it was written by an engineer, perhaps in the Redundant Department of Redundancy.

This second class will be to M what marketing was to me, as it's all about manufacturing and he spent like a gajillion hours doing that when he was with The Company That Almost Moved Us To OK. Plus, it's taught by an engineer so he'll have that whole "we engineers have to stick together" thing that I had in the marketing class, where M swears that our prof liked my writing better just because I'm in marketing. I think this class will be a snoozefest for me, as I've never been in manufacturing and don't really plan on ever going in to manufacturing. But, after this class, I'll certainly be prepared for it.

Anyway, deep breath...we're submerging for another nine weeks...


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