Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Catching up

I'm in super-high-efficiency mode today. Which means I'm getting a lot done and bugging everyone around me with my perky attitude and machine-gun-style rambling. And I haven't even had caffeine!

Last weekend, having some time that wasn't devoted strictly to school, M and I got a bunch of the little nagging stuff done that's been piling up over the past few weeks. No one thing was huge, but when you add up all the little stuff it becomes a mountain. It feels so good to be out from under it.

Things like remembering to pull the Shop 'n Save coupons out of the 08 coupon books and use them to purchase discounted gift certificates before they expire November 1. Then, you know, actually using one and getting some good food instead of the same five things from Sam's every weekend. Busting through all the paperwork that had piled up. M refilled the sump pump back-up batter with distilled water (also purchased at Shop 'n Save). Getting laundry all caught up (that was last night's project). Cleaning up Zozer's room. I cut a mat for someone who asked for it about a bajillion years ago, and backed up my image files. M has been working on the Christmas display.

At home, now, I just feel like I can breathe again. Everything is put away, and I know where it all is. There aren't piles of anything laying around. There's nothing left that makes me jerk awake at 3 a.m. and think, "Damn! I need to remember to get that done!"

So I carried that feeling in to work and have been doing the same thing here. Just busting through the to-do list whether I feel like doing it or not. My desk is currently a sty, but it's all good stuff that will disappear shortly and leave me all caught up.

I fully expect this wonderful all-caught-up feeling at home and at work to last roughly 1/2 day. But it's all good right now!


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