Saturday, October 11, 2008

The glow of the laptop screen...

Life is good.

We finished next week's homework today (yes, we're nerds), and my group turned in our group project (that isn't officially due until tomorrow night). All that's left for this class is the final, which doesn't even go live until Tuesday.

So, for all intents and purposes, finance is on break between now and Tuesday night!

We didn't do anything extraordinary today...played with Doodle, ran some errands, and got Amighetti's carryout to have a little picnic in the park. We are definitely taking advantage of this awesome weather: last night we made PB&J samiches and had a little picnic next to the train station in Kirkwood, then perused the farmer's market (where Zozer got a mini-pumpkin for herself and two bunches of Indian corn for her class Monday - how come her projects are way more fun than ours?). I shot a little bit in the studio today (a necklace for a colleague whose passion is beading) while M was on a conference call with his class group, and then grabbed an adorable image of Zozer with one of her great-grandmas this evening. I did see someplace I'd like to shoot while we were out running errands earlier, so I may go back while Zozer is down for her nap tomorrow.

Right now, though, we're sitting on the patio next to a lovely fire M has built in our fire pit, just relaxing. He's watching the Mizzou game on his laptop (since we don't have cable we don't have ESPN2) and I'm surfing on mine. Actually, right now Mizzou is at half time, so he's actually on the phone helping one of our classmates with her homework (from this week...I think we're probably the only ones who already have next week's done). He's a good doobie, helping our classmates. I got to the point where I was spending more time helping others than working on my own stuff, so a couple weeks ago I set my status to "visible/unavailable" as the default. I just took it back to "available" today. I'm feeling magnanimous again, I guess.

Not much else to report. Just feelin' good because finance is almost over and I got to play with a camera today. Think I'm gonna close the laptop, though, and just sit here and veg and enjoy the fire. Go Mizzou!


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