Monday, October 06, 2008

Go West, middle-age overworked married couple

Well, I've purchased tickets and reserved cabins, so I suppose it's actually going to happen.

Yes, boys and girls, after 11 years, M and I are finally taking a vacation. A real, actual vacation. Where we go exactly where we want to go, when we want to go (well, between classes, but still, we picked the specific dates, dammit), how we want to go.

The last vacation we went on was our honeymoon cruise. Since then, we've gotten to travel to some pretty cool places for M's work, and we've tacked a few days on here and there to extend the trip and make it work/pleasure. Those trips were great in that we got to go places we otherwise wouldn't, mostly on someone else's nickel. I earned my keep as companion/wife, doing my share of networking with other wives and introducing our husbands where we thought things might click. It actually worked once, and resulted in M taking a hellacious trip to Prince George, Canada.

We made the most of those trips, M and I. I am so not one of those wives that hang out in the room or around the resort waiting for my husband to get done with business before the real fun begins. Nope, instead I headed out each morning with my camera and had myself a blast. Being alone is really the best way to make images, as you don't have to worry about amusing anyone but yourself. At the end of the day, we'd reconnect and have a great meal and drinks/socializing with M's colleagues. I definitely got the better end of the bargain, as I was allowed to do as I wished while M went from conference room to conference room, seminar to networking session to trade show booth.

We laugh now that we won't actually know how to vacation together, as we're used to traveling pretty independently and hooking up in the evenings. Wait...that didn't come out right...

Anyhoo, we decided that with everything we have going on right now, a vacation is definitely in order. Well, I decided that and then hounded M until he caved.

So, on May 20, 2009 (our next available chunk of time between classes that didn't involve a major holiday) we set out on our grand adventure West. We're taking Amtrak out and Amtrak back, two different routes. While we're there we have three nights in Yosemite (yay!), one in Wawona Hotel and two in cabins in Yosemite Valley. I'm also hoping to stay at Bodie House, which means a whole lot to photographers but probably not much to anyone else. If I don't get to stay there, I'll at least get time in Carmel and will visit Weston Beach. Which, again, means craploads to me and other photographers but probably nothing to most of you reading this.

I'll post more about our plans later, but suffice it to say that planning this trip is what's getting me through the long, bleak nights of Advanced Financial Management. California, here we come!


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