Sunday, October 12, 2008

Reduced Speed Ahead

Great day today. Little bit of photography, little bit of matting, little bit of Photoshopping, little bit of schoolwork (very fact, all I did was turn in my peer evaluation for my "group" project...after two glasses of wine - hee!), little bit of housework, little bit of errand running, and a whole lot of Zoe Time.

Not that I want to speak for M, but I think he had a great day, too. In fact, I can hear Christmas music wafting in from the other room as I type, which means he's working on the display (first chance he's had in months), and I know that makes him happy. (Since I am not ready for Christmas music just yet, I have settled on some vintage Genesis via iTunes to drown out O Christmas Tree.)

Below are the images I "found" yesterday while we were on our way to Sam's for our second $100 walk in a week. What is a $100 walk, you ask? Well, I'll explain. As you know, we recently purchased a big flat-panel television and Blue-Ray DVD player (M used my wrist surgery recovery as an excuse, but, whatever), and we purchased them from Sam's. That was over 30 days ago, and wouldn't you know it, they dropped the price on both the TV and the DVD player by a hundred bucks each.

Sam's, in their infinite wisdom, will do a price adjustment only within 30 days of purchase, but will take a return within 90 days. Since we were out of the 30-day limit but still within the 90-day limit, we had to re-purchase the merchandise, walk out of the store (getting the Official Highlighter Swipe on our receipts) and walk back into the store (getting the Official Return Sticker on the merchandise we just purchased), to the customer service counter, where we promptly returned just-purchased merchandise with our over-30-day-old receipt. Pain in the ass? Youbetcha. Worth it to save two hundred bucks? Absolutely.

We had to do this two separate times because they were out of our TV at our Sam's, so (thanks to Dad Z) we found them at another Sam's and went there. The DVD player had been taken care of at our Sam's last weekend, in the same manner.

Anyway, on the way to the other Sam's yesterday, I was doing my usual gawking out the passenger window, looking for interesting things to photograph. I caught a glimpse of photographs below as we whizzed down Manchester and returned today (also with husband and child in tow), to which M asked, "How did you see this yesterday?" Just lucky, I guess.

It's been nice to have a couple days at a slower pace than usual. Well, I should rephrase that. We packed as much as we could into every minute, but it was packed with exactly what we wanted to do, not what was mandated by a syllabus. Reduced speed, indeed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, you heard right, KZGZ was on the air for a short period tonight. But the best part about this time of the year is how close we are to "ketchup ham" at Grandma Z's...O, how I love the holidays!

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