Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday Mornings

While this wasn't taken yesterday morning, it was taken on a recent Saturday morning and is pretty typical of our Saturday mornings.

Zozer and I, on Saturday mornings, stay in our jammies and hang out in the darkroom after breakfast. I futz around with photography stuff and she dances, colors with crayons, watches The Zoe Show (my screensaver) or practices typing her name in Word.

She's been busily creating her own space in Mommy's darkroom, and now has her art table, several coloring books, two packs of crayons and a set of colored pencils, and a blanket, which lately she's taken to spreading out and calling "the sandbox." (I don't ask. I consider it personal creative expression.)

She has a standard routine in the darkroom: requesting music (today was the Beatles first, followed by the Chili Peppers...can you see where she gets her taste in music?), pulling my Family of Man book off the shelf and casually flipping through it, spreading out "the sandbox" and pulling a new piece of paper out of the printer to create some new art.

On this particular Saturday, she did all this while wearing her jammies and one of Mommy's necklaces she apparently took a liking to, unbeknownst to me until she arrived in the darkroom wearing it. We took some time out from creating art, as we typically do, and slowdanced to Let It Be, as we typically do, and then laid on the sandbox and talked, as we typically do. She looked so adorable with her necklace and her wild curls going everywhere...

I love Saturday mornings.


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