Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Correction: Fletcher...isn't

Okay, so I have to correct myself. Or rather, my daughter. In talking to her teacher after school today, I learned that Zoe likes to call Drew "Fletcher." So, the little boy in the photograph below isn't Fletcher, as I've been told. By Zoe. It's Drew. And he didn't break his knee falling off his grandma's couch, as I've been told. By Zoe. Are you sensing a pattern here?

Drew has a brittle bone disease, and usually a simple fall is all it takes to break something. He's recovering well from his last break, though, and is now able to get around with a small walker, which is how he got himself over to the little playhouse where he was sitting with Zoe.

Anyway, there is a Fletcher in Zoe's class. That just isn't him below.

She's still new at this whole multiple-friend thing. Up 'til now all she's really had to keep straight was Hoot. Which was difficult only the night she discovered one of the back-up Hoots.

Oh well. She'll get there.


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