Friday, August 08, 2008


As I posted yesterday, we visited Zoe's new preschool for her enrollment visit. Two of her three teachers, Ms. Maria and Ms. Lisa, explained that their classroom, the Elephants, has a digital camera and that they like to post photographs on the preschool's web site almost daily for parents to be able to see that their children are actually having fun (as opposed to the last image most of us will have of our children wailing as we leave them at school). They gave us a little packet titled "Welcome to the Elephant Room!" that is essentially a parent's handbook for that specific classroom. Which is way cool, given that we had already received the hefty parent's handbook for the entire school.

The Elephant Parent Handbook has the preschool's web site listed, along with instructions on finding information just about that classroom. The assistant principal had already told us that the individual classroom pages are updated according to the technological savvy of the individual teachers. If they like computers, the pages get updated. If not, I guess you're SOL.
Turns out that Ms. Maria and Ms. Lisa are definitely tech savvy. They took a few snaps while we were there of children painting and playing dress-up. Ms. Maria took one of Zoe so she could label her bin, cubby and coathook.
This morning I was finalizing some more paperwork (enrolling your child in preschool takes more red tape than buying a home) and I stumbled across the site's address. I wondered if they'd post Zoe's picture since, technically, she isn't even a student yet. The snaps Ms. Maria took were to get her set for the first day, not for the site. I decided to check anyway.
How adorable is that? I immediately printed a couple copies and saved to the harddrive and all that, because I'm sure they'll be posting something new for today. Then jotted off a quick thank you note for all their help yesterday and for posting the picture.

While sending Zozer off to school will be one of the hardest days of my life, Ms. Maria and Ms. Lisa are already making it more bearable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, You don't EVEN realize how hard it's going to be!

6:58 PM  
Anonymous Aunt KK said...

You can do it! It will be so rewarding for all three of you! No fears!

11:22 PM  

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