Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Doctor, doctor, give me the news...

A bunch of people I know and love are undergoing surgery this week, which is crazy, because none of them really interact with each other and it's so strange to have three people I know all have surgery in two days. Two of them were today, which, needless to say, has had me on pins and needles for most of the day.

Great news, though, on both fronts. Everyone who was in surgery this morning is now out, and doing well.

Mom is even on her way home, already starting her recovery process. She had a small tear in her rotator cuff, and went to Dr. Hottie to have it repaired. Dr. Hottie, if you remember, was who repaired M's torn labrum and helped my broken foot to mend. Should you ever require the services of a skilled orthopedic surgeon, just give me a call and I'll give you all of Dr. Hottie's contact info.

Anyway, sister Beans was hanging out at the surgery center today for Mama, and called me after the procedure to give me a status report. This was how the beginning of the phone call went:

"Is Mom's doctor your Dr. Hottie?" (This was seriously how she started the conversation. No hello, no how ya doin', no "Mom's okay...")
"Yeah, why?"
"Well, that must be why when he sat across from me, I couldn't concentrate on a word he was saying!"

We agree wholeheartedly that he is, indeed, worthy of the name Dr. Hottie, and that a girl might be tempted to bust something just to get an appointment with him.

Now, I realize that as M reads this, he's rolling his eyes and muttering, "Oh my gosh" under his breath. He doesn't understand the Dr. Hottie thing. What he should remember is that he has his own title, bestowed upon him by the girls of this past Saturday's bridal party. He's called The Hot Nerd. He liked half of that description, preferring us to stop at "Hot." Can't do that, though, because he's got the brainy thing going, too, which is attractive in its own right. He seems to think that "nerd" is a derogatory term, but for all intents and purposes in today's world, "nerd" is pretty damn cool.

I'm very excited, as I have a date with my Hot Nerd tomorrow night. We're going to dinner at Brio and then to the movies, to see SATC. It's going to be like we're real people again, a married couple actually, you know, in love or something, instead of parents/students/employees/children/friends/siblings/etc. We're going to eat a lovely meal and not have to worry about cutting things into tiny pieces or re-arranging a bib or catching the milk before it spills, and then I'm going to drag him to a chick-flick that he desperately doesn't want to see. How wonderfully normal!


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