Thursday, August 07, 2008

Prelude to preschool

Today was a big day for my family.

We started by taking Zozer to her new preschool for her "enrollment visit," which is edu-speak for "bring your kid in and see if she freaks out." We did, and she didn't. She met some of her new classmates, got to play dress-up and paint, checked out the was all good.

We've got a few things left to do to get her ready, the biggest being teaching her to drink from an open cup. That began tonight with dinner, and let me just say thank you to the person who invented vinyl bibs. Despite the bib and a large cloth napkin, she still ended up with a small milk pond in her lap, but it was manageable.

She's got the tipping the glass and drinking part down pat, it's the back-tip part that trips her up. She simply pulls the cup away from her face, which creates a lovely white waterfall that cascades down the front of her. Then she looks at us, confused and with a milk fu-manchu and goatee, and says, "Mess?"

So, okay, it's a start. We're pretty sure by the time she starts school a week from Monday she'll have it down pat. Or we'll have to send 40 shirts to school with her. No biggie.

Then, this afternoon, our grades were finally posted for Finance. A's all around, which we are thrilled about but really came as no shock. Well, maybe for M, as he was teetering on the edge of an A-. Yes, that's right boys and girls. I finally got a higher A than M. 'Bout damn time.

I had a massage this afternoon and my therapist told me I need to start making photographs again and start running again, because those things are, you know, good for me or something. Yeah, yeah. I know. But I have to admit that I'm rather enjoying this week off, sleeping in 'til 6 a.m. and going to bed at 10 or so. No homework, very few obligations outside of's been nice.

M and I had Date Night last night, and it was wonderful. Dinner and a movie. Rather, matinee movie, quick dash home to put Zozer down, and then dinner. M actually enjoyed SATC, but if you ask him he'll grumble something about it being "okay," because he has to act all manly and stuff and it wouldn't be very macho to admit enjoying a chick flick. Ask him about Samantha's dog, though. He got a kick out of that.

So I'm off to enjoy the rest of my evening of doing absolutely nothing. La!


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