Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The possible demise of the Zoemobile

Lots going on, as usual. I'm beginning to think that I must've been a huge slothy bum for the last 30+ years, given how busy I am now. Oddly enough, I'm loving it, really. Too busy to feel bad or get sick or feel sorry for myself about anything, I guess. And if you never feel bad or get sick or feel sorry for yourself, then life is pretty damn good.


Remember how I posted that we could gimp the Zoemobile through another couple years as long as the tranny leak didn't get worse? Yeah, it took all of a week before it got worse. Figures, don't it?! So the Zoemobile is hanging out at a local transmission shop today, and I'm to get the call later letting me know the damages.

Dad and I estimate that it's either going to be really good or really bad, which is fine with me because either way that makes the decision easy. Really good means we fix it and go forward, happy in our knowledge that the Zoemobile has been a faithful transporter and will most likely continue its reliability through grad school. Really bad means that it'll cost more to fix it than it's worth, and we have to get a new car. Which is not optimal at this point in time, but at least it's a decision and we move forward.

What will stink is if it's in that middle range, where you start to question, "Is it really worth fixing, or do we say 'screw it?'" If that's the case, we'll have a bit of a discussion on our hands. M is firmly in the camp of "We must drive it until the wheels quite literally fall off, hopefully not while we're actually on the road." I'm firmly in the camp of, "It's already 10 years old...let's get a shiny new car!" My head (and bank account) know he's right, but damn. It'd be cool to have a new car.

This week, because M is out of town (which normally I hate, but I have to admit is quite handy at this particular time given our demotion to one-car-family status), I have his car. I took him to the airport Monday morning and I'll pick him up Saturday morning. Which was cool in and of itself because we haven't had a good sappy airport goodbye/reunion in a long time. So anyway, I have his car and at first I griped about it. In my opinion, it's one step up from a go-cart. It's all sporty and tight, and you feel every little bump. You have to wedge yourself in and use a crowbar to get out. It's not skirt-friendly. At all. And, it's a stick. Which I haven't driven with regularity since I sold my Wrangler to my sister. Ten years ago.

Because it's a stick, and because I'm driving it this week, I estimate that as soon as we get the Accord fixed we'll be about ready to drop a new tranny in it, too.

So I've been struggling to drive the thing with heels and skirts. This morning, though, I let it all go. Windows down, moonroof open, Bon Jovi blasting through the speakers (I had forgotten what a great sound system the car has). I'm still stripping the hell out of the gears, but at least I'm singin' loud when I do.

Saw another pair of truck nuts last night. Blue. I still don't get it.

Another IAS board meeting last night. The more I become involved with this group, the stronger I feel about it. How can you help, you ask? How kind of you! Well, just wait a bit and I'll let you know. We've got all kinds of fun things planned, including a dine-out night where the proceeds will benefit IAS, and the second annual trivia night.

Things I must remember to write about here:
  1. How awesome my hubby was on Monday, when I felt like things couldn't get worse.
  2. Zoe story about krankoo.
  3. Dr. O.

No time now, though! More later!


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