Thursday, August 23, 2007

No sale

There must be something in the air right now that makes all sales people go crazy. I've had two bad experiences with people trying to get me to purchase something from them in the last week.

One is a girl from a local television affiliate, who sends me proposals every now and then that I respectfully decline, over and over. They are never a good fit and are always ridiculously over-priced. She sent me one this past week, complete with an ambiguous statement about our commitment, no real dollars, just "an advertising investment on XXX." (No, I won't name the affiliate.) I replied with my standard, "Thank you ever so much for the opportunity, but I simply don't have the money in my budget to participate at this time." The woman actually responded with, "Okay, but I didn't even include a price?" To which she got my not-so-respectful, "I know my budget, and unless you're going to give the package to me, I know I don't have the money." She wrote back, "Good point."

Holy cow. When did it become okay for the vendor to fire off snippy questions to potential clients?

I've also been having an issue with Mr. Smarmy (not his real name) calling me about every 20 seconds, leaving long-winded voicemails that are getting increasingly agitated. You would think that not receiving a return call after a week of daily messages would be a clue that I'm not interested. Apparently Mr. Smarmy thinks it's an invitation to be a complete butt on my voicemail. After the fifth time, I finally called him back, if just to shut him up. He didn't answer, of course, and I was shunted into a general voicemail box. I left a very polite, but firm message, stating that while I appreciate the opportunity, I simply don't have money in my budget to participate at this time. Thank you and good day.

He kept calling. Over and over. He's even taken to zero'ing out of my voicemail box and instructing spa coordinators to go look for me. Um. No. So not okay. After receiving yet another message from him today, this one containing the barely restrained line, "I wonder if you're even getting my messages, because I know you would at least call me back either way," I called him back. Oooo, I was wound up, too.

Joy of all joys, wonder of all wonders, I got his supervisor. I very politely explained that I don't appreciate being harrassed, nor do I respond well to that method of "persuasion." He apologized profusely, and admitted that he's had a problem with Mr. Smarmy being too persistent. Yeah, uh huh. Is that what we're calling it?! He promised to leave a big note on Mr. Smarmy's desk instructing him to not call me. Ever. Again.

These people must have all taken the same class, "How to alienate people and lose customers."


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