Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Addiction, thy name is BlackBerry

Sorry for no post yesterday; I was at our O'Fallon location all day preparing for an event next week.

So I have this new phone, and it's pretty dang cool because it's got everything all packed into one little place. Very handy. To get the rebate, we had to sign up for the BlackBerry data package (that's where they get you, see, it's marketing trickery). I hadn't counted on having the data package to begin with, so our plan was to cancel the package after receiving the rebate check in the mail (we can be sneaky, too). I was content with having my phone, PDA, and music all in one nifty little package.

Only, now that I've got the data package and have rather enjoyed it, I want to keep it.

Which I think is what the BlackBerry marketing folks counted on. Tricky bastards.

I have gotten e-mails and voicemails in a timely fashion while out of the office. I've sent messages hither and yon from both my work and my personal e-mail addresses, and last night I even e-mailed a photograph (taken with the phone) to Stef. I've reviewed a restaurant menu on-line before ever arriving at the joint, and looked up phone numbers and addresses on the run.

In short, in less than a week I have become completely addicted to the technology. My name is Amy, and I'm high on my CrackBerry.

What's crazy is that I haven't even learned all of what this thing can do. I know there are features I haven't even explored yet, and tons of shortcuts I haven't learned.

Really, this thing is the OCD's equivalent of manna from heaven. I feel I've reached organization nirvana, and wonder how I ever managed my life before it. Certainly not in a timely and efficient fashion.

So here's what I predict will happen. I predict that in about two months we'll get our rebate check, and my darling, practical husband (having no clue just how strong my new addiction is), will innocently say, "Okay, time to turn off the data package." At which point he'll look up to see his wife, with sunken eyes and crooked thumbs, clutching her BlackBerry and growling, "Nooooo. You can't. I must have it. Grrrrrr."


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