Friday, August 17, 2007

I need more cake

The day after a really good birthday is sort of a bummer. Kind of a let down. It's like right after you finish the last brownie in the pan, or, in M's case, the second you polish off your last ketchup-ham sandwich at Christmas.

We had sushi last night at Nobu's. Yum. It had been way too long since either of us had eaten some good bait. Saara and Lamping, you will be interested to know that Nobu has updated his little ex-IHOP and has new tables, chairs, lights, and even a new ceiling. It's a definite improvement, although I do miss the hole-in-the-wall feeling of the old decor. Granted, it's in an old IHOP, so no matter what you do you'll still have a bit of that, but the new stuff is a step up.

Anyway, the food was great, as usual, and we stuffed ourselves full of salmon, yellow tail, tuna and red snapper, plus a couple rolls, some edamame, a Sapporo each and some hot tea. Delish.

I'm glad today is Friday, as I'm plumb tuckered out from being the Birthday Girl. Today is a particularly slow Friday, too, which is refreshing. I've gotten a total of four e-mails today, and no phone calls. I think everyone is tired. Or maybe I've finally said no to every single media outlet in St. Louis and therefore none of their salespeople are calling me any more. "No, thank you, I don't have the money to advertise in the Married Women Who Work Part Time With Eight Children and Live in the St. Louis Suburb of Maryland Heights Weekly Newsletter." If there is a minor demographic niche in society, someone has a magazine (and is selling advertising space) for it.


Sorry, I think I just fell asleep there for a minute.

What slow, drowsy Friday afternoon. My officemates are all gone, too, so all I've got is the soothing hum of the air conditioner to keep me company. This is not helping my productivity levels.

All right. That's it. I'm going to crank up some good tunes and dive back in. Catch you on the flip side.


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