Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pre-Birthday Gifts

Sometimes it takes a catastrophic event (like a looming birthday) to shake things up and show you that you're one of the luckiest girls in the world.

Actually, after my 30th, birthdays have ceased being catastrophic, but I'm sure as I approach 40 the angst will start up again.

But for now, birthdays are special days that involve special people showing me just how much they care.

Yesterday I got an e-mail from my darling friend Ping, who in her own humorous way made me crack up laughing in the simplicity of asking me to lunch. There are just some people who, with a single word, can shine a bright sun into your day.

This morning at Curves, one of my Early Girly friends gave me a small box and said, "Just a little birthday wish!" It was two little chocolate truffle-like creations, wrapped in yellow paper with a red bow. Means more than a million dollars to me, as does her friendship. Of course, you have to wonder about a friend who stops your exercise routine to give you chocolate, but I figured all sins are forgiven when it's your birthday. (As a note of explanation...the Early Girlies are we who exercise first thing in the morning. The term "girlies" is particularly affectionate as I'm the youngest of the bunch by about 30 years. I think they've rather adopted me, and you'll hear no complaints from me!)

Friends here at work have comandeered my lunch break tomorrow, and I've been tasked with choosing the time and the place. Can't ask for anything better than that.

And all these are the people who aren't even related to me!

M has turned up the juice on his usual good-guy-ness this week, too. I mean, the guy is always a good guy, that's just a given. But this week, he's going above and beyond. Although we've had quite the vigorous discussion (and teasing) about my birthday present. He asked last week what I wanted, and I told him. Then we went and looked at it. Then I decided I didn't want it, because it's a "nice to have" and not a "need to have." Then I changed my mind and decided that birthdays are perfect occasions to get the "nice to haves" instead of always being practical and getting the "need to haves."

M insisted, over and over, that we had decided that it was simply impractical and that it wouldn't be my present after all. After a couple days of this, I called his bluff. Yesterday as we ate breakfast, I said, "I know you. And I know that you're going on and on about how we're not getting this so you can go and get it and surprise me with it on my birthday." The boy cannot lie, he simply cannot, so it was hilarious to watch him grin and snicker and try to cover. Finally, after I made him try to look me in the eyes and not laugh as he said it, and he couldn't, he admitted that was his plan.

I love that boy.

What is the gift, you ask? Well, you shall have to wait and see. It's supposed to be a surprise, after all.


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