Monday, August 13, 2007

New roads

Okay, okay. Since M isn't real keen on calling everyone we know and telling them his news, I'll just go ahead and post it here.

He got a new job!!!

Yes, he's very excited. Yes, he's really looking forward to it. Yes, his "old" boss was surprised. No, he doesn't know when he's going to start yet. Here are the details, in a nutshell and "Aim-ified" for easy understanding:
  1. It's at APC.
  2. APC makes surge protectors and server racks and cooling systems and the like...everything that has to do with keeping technology running.
  3. His title is Senior Product Manager.
  4. He's working with a new team on physical threat management, or, making sure all the IT folks across America know what's going on in their server closets at all times.
  5. APC is international, and M will be working at the O'Fallon, MO office.
Funny story, really. He was plugging away at work one day when the marketing dude sent him a link to the APC site. M doesn't remember what he was supposed to look at, but he's pretty sure it wasn't the job posting for a senior product manager. Oops! Anyway, that's the link he received, and when he read the posting he thought, "Hey, I could do this! What the heck...I'll shoot 'em a resume. Can't hurt!" Well, weeks and weeks later, after many rounds of phone interviews and two face-to-face interviews, he received an offer this past Friday, and accepted immediately. Simply too good to pass up. Salary and bennies are fantastic, and the job description sounds as though they wrote it specifically for M. It's all the stuff he loves to do and is great at.

As for me, I'm continuing on my tear to rid our home of absolutely everything that isn't vital for everyday life. I'm in full-on purge mode, and man does it feel good to have things cleaned out. I tackled the guest room/office Saturday while M was at the game, and came out with three trash bags full of old clothes and loads of other items on hangers for Dress For Success.

When I started, I had two piles going, "Keep" and "Go." After going through everything, I went through the "Keep" pile, and threw more of it into "Go." Then I went through it a third time, and what remained was mostly sorted into "Go" so that by the time I was done, very little remained. I tackled a few other places that had accumulated things of that sort, clearing them out, too (no mercy! no remorse! when in doubt, throw it out!), so that I feel like I can breathe in my own house again.

M is tackling his piles today, and when I last checked with him had made good headway. I'm so lucky to have married a man who hates clutter as much as I.

Am currently reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy. It's about a man and his son, struggling through burned-out America, trying to survive. I'm about halfway through it and I still don't know what exactly caused everything to be burned, but that's not a major focus. The point is, it's all gone, and humans have stooped to the lowest possible levels just to survive. The story is touching and depressing all at once, and makes me question, "Just what would I do to protect my child?" The answer is: All that and more. Whatever it takes.

My problem is this: The Road is not exactly the sort of uplifting material one wants to read during one's birthweek. (Yes, M and I have perfected the art of expanding our birthday celebrations to encompass the surrounding week and, daresay, month in some cases.) It's pretty graphic and chilling and downright depressing. So put it down, you say. Well, along with the graphic and chilling and downright depressing stuff, it's also damn good. As in, can't put it down. As in, must read to the end. As in, must find out how it ends or will never be able to think of anything else. (I tend to get caught up in really great books; see Harry Potter posts from a few weeks back.) So I can't put it down.

And there is no way in hell you'll ever catch me reading the end first. What's the point?! Why read anything if you're not going to do it correctly, and gather in all the plot twists and character turns as the author intended?

So my new, self-imposed, reading goal is to finish this thing before Thursday. It's proving to be a fairly easy read, so it shouldn't be a problem. I welcome suggestions for light, brain-candy reads to follow this heavy-duty novel...especially something that would make me laugh.


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