Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hoot takes a dip

Last night: calamity.

As M drew Zozo's bath and I pulled off her firecracker dress, she decided, in her bathtime excitement, to plunge Hoot The Owl into the bubbly depths.

Actually, she sorta just launched him into the tub, but I thought "plunge" and "bubbly depths" were too good to pass up.

M made a valiant effort, but Hoot sailed off the tips of his fingers...plunk. D'oh!

He was rescued at once, of course, but not before the damage was done. For once in his long owly life, Hoot was soaking wet from something other than Zozo's kisses.

We rushed him to emergency, placing him carefully in the dryer on the special rack for non-spin items and starting with Air Dry. Didn't want to melt Hoot's plastic eyes, you see, or his synthetic beans. Then we proceeded with the bath.

After the bath, M went and checked on our little moist friend. Still soaked. He set the dryer to "delicate," bumping it up to Low Heat and let Hoot take a ride around a few times. We stalled some more. Lotion, jammies, and animal kisses. Dumped her clothes down the chute, and M went one more time. No go. He was still pretty soaked, although now producing some steam.

Sigh. It looked as though Zozo was going to have to sleep Hootless.

As we went to lay her down in her crib, she looked up at us inquiringly, asking with her big blue eyes where her best friend was. Then she started it. She called him, softly, over and over again as we lay her down. "Hoo hoooo. Hoo hoooo. Hoo hoooo."

I'm pretty sure that's when my heart broke into a million little pieces and tears sprung to my eyes. For the first time in her almost two years, I couldn't give her what she was so sweetly asking for. Damn near killed me.

Almost an hour later, we crept back into Zoe's room with a newly dried Hoot and placed him lovingly at her head. We tiptoed back out, congratulating ourselves and saying, "Well, at least she'll wake up with him!"

Then this morning we went in, she squealed and promptly flung Hoot down on her bed. Well, at least two of us are looking out for his best interests.


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