Friday, July 20, 2007

1st Day of Vaca

I'm expanding my blogging capabilities, having taken over Stef's laptop here in Michigan.

We arrived last night an hour late, which is fantastic by our normal standards, which have included arriving at 2 a.m. and at 6 a.m., when we were supposed to arrive at 9 the night before.

It's cool here in Ann Arbor, which is blissful after the blistering humidity of the Lou. We slept with the windows open and it got down into the mid-50s. Listened to the leaves rustling and thought about how we're many miles from home and with virtually no obligations...

We've already become fast friends with Topo and Copper, Stef's cats, and have made ourselves at home (meaning, yours truly has spread her 500 pounds of bathroom crap all over the vanity). Stef is a true friend: she had a giant new box of Froot Loops waiting for me this morning.

Today we're hitting the celebrated Art Fair and just hanging out. Might hit a Harry Potter party this evening at Borders, seeing as how A2 is where Bohrders started and all. It's so nice to say, "Huh...whatcha feel like doing?" Instead of, "We have to be here at this time."

It's also so nice to roll over in the morning and look at the clock and realize, "I don't have to get up and feed anyone but myself today!"

Gotta go jump into the shower, as M has asked me twice now, "So, are you going to get in the shower?" which is his M way of saying, "Get in the damn shower already!" Not sure what the hurry is...we're on vacation after all...


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