Tuesday, July 24, 2007

STL to DTW and back

Home again!

Jeez, the four of us (me, M, Stef and Nicole) need another four days of vacation to rest up from the jam-packed four days of fun we just completed. I'm still awed and impressed that the three of them managed to get Couch Potato Girl up off her arse and into a kayak, not to mention on the tennis courts three days running.

Things that rock:
$88 roundtrip tickets, STL to DTW
Comerica Park (home of the Detroit Tigers)
Phase 10, the card game
Ypsi photo opps
The Largest Art Fair in the World
Nicole's cooking
(salmon, asparagus, and whipped sweet potatoes,
not to mention her strawberry shortcake)
Laughing so hard your stomach aches
Kitties who still chase milk rings
$14 tennis rackets from Target
Grandparents (and Aunt KK and Cousin Joey)
who show Zozo such a great time,
she doesn't even miss Mommy and Daddy
Things that don't rock:
Delayed planes
Rookie travelers
Crappy half-days of work
Missing your child so much your heart aches
Realizing that you were much better at tennis when you were 12
Losing your contacts (again) in the pool
Eating so much you could explode, and yet...(damn you, cheese!)
The cattle call that is Southwest Airlines
Turning your condo into a B&B for over a week
So much more to comment on, so much more to say...and yet, I'm still tired, and anxious to get home to my little girl. I've sufficiently dug out of my "on vacation" pile enough to leave, and so leave I will. More later!


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