Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The riddle solved

Okay, so I'm rather disappointed that my riddle didn't stump more people. Everyone who has responded has gotten it right. Perhaps those who haven't responded don't know the answer, and in that case, it's quite a good riddle, because many people didn't respond.

The answer is the letter "D." Although my father-in-law submitted that the letter "A" could also work. He gets extra credit.

Spent almost all day yesterday at our Chesterfield location, hence no post. Cleaned up all the marketing materials out there, among other things. Left feeling very tired and grungy, but with that satisfied air of "ahhh, simplicity!"

Tomorrow night we're heading to Ann Arbor! My excitement for the trip is tinged with anxiety about leaving Zozo. Don't get me wrong...I'm not worried about her. I'm worried about me, being away from her. She'll be fine, making the rounds with all three sets of her grandparents. It's like her own little vacation away from Mommy and Daddy, getting to spend four blissed-out days with the big people who let her do/have anything she wants. Thankfully I'll be getting to spend four blissed-out days with M and Stef and Nicole, doing/having anything I want. (Have you guys stocked up on the Dr. Pepper yet?!)

Blasted through the third Harry Potter and will start book 4 (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) today at lunch. I really think if I didn't have to work and be a mother and a wife, I'd have made it to my goal of whipping through them all before the new release Saturday. Alas!

That's about it for now. Must get ready to meet with our new customer service manager to review all things marketing. I had something very clever to post yesterday afternoon, but have since forgotten. Huh.


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