Monday, July 16, 2007


Only one person has responded to my riddle posted Friday, and that's Nicole. She not only responded, she got it right! She's a smartypants, that girl. I'll leave you all dangling a bit longer, as I'm curious to see if anyone else can get the answer.

Today at lunch I bit my tongue. Granted, in the grand scheme of things this really isn't that big of an issue, but damn, it hurt. Have you ever done that? You're chewing along, enjoying your food, and wham! Searing pain in your mouth. Tears spring to your eyes, and you desperately try to not yelp in pain, grab the side of your mouth, and writhe around in the booth like you're having a fit. I have no idea what my friend Chris said for the five minutes after I did it, because all I was doing was thinking things like, "Man, that really hurts. Did I actually bite part of my tongue off? I think it's already swelling. Yep, it's swelling. %^&$#. Is that blood? Am I tasting blood? Crikey."

Weekend was good. Floated in a lake Saturday and a pool Sunday, and cranked through the second Harry Potter when on dry land. Am roughly 60 pages into the third one. I don't think I'm going to make my goal of getting them all read before the new one is released this weekend, but at least I'll be a goodly way there.

Planning for our trip this weekend to see Stef in A2! Many thanks in advance to the team of grandparents who are watching Zo for us. I've been pulling together all the necessary Zoe Information for the weekend, and I think I've got it all down, including a bulleted list of things it might be handy to know, such as "when she hands you a book, turns around and sticks her tushie at you, she wants you to guide her butt into your lap so you can read the book to her." She's a pretty easy-going kid, though, so I'm not real worried about it.

This will be our first trip somewhere, just the two of us, since Zoe was born. I have the excitement-tinged-with-anxiety thing going. Thanks to The Grandparents, though, the excitement part is whalloping the anxious part over the head, and winning handily.

Secret message to Pookie: hang in there, kiddo. It won't last forever, and she's not using real bullets, and she can't kill you and eat you. Hold on...we're comin'!! We love you!


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