Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hairy Potter and Spandex

I really need to finish this book. For many reasons.
  1. I would like to start going to bed at a decent hour. It's impossible to do this when you are so glued to your book that you find it impossible to put down.
  2. I would like to be able to watch TV, browse the internet, and talk to people without having to be wary of Potter or Rowling references. I need to be able to go through life without jumping, sticking my fingers in my ears and saying, "No, no, no! I haven't read it yet! I don't want to know anything!"
  3. I would like to be able to concentrate on things again, instead of always wondering way in the back of my mind, "Where, exactly, did Ron go when he disapparated away from Harry and Hermione?" and "What clues did Dumbledore leave that I'm missing?"
  4. I need to have something to blog about other than Harry Potter, or my friends and acquantainces will start thinking of me how I think of Trekkies.

Speaking of...we were watching another episode the other night and there was a Federation Commissioner of Intergalactic Peace, Love and Harmony or some such nonsense. Basically, she was an ambassador. But she was dressed reasonably normally and had the cutest hair and gloves...both throwbacks to the 60s, of course, since that's when the original Star Trek series was filmed.

It made me think about how women don't wear gloves anymore, and I think that's a shame because it just finishes a look. Of course, women don't wear pillbox hats anymore either. It amazes me how, in just 40 or 50 short years, what's "acceptable" as far as daily fashion goes has changed. Back then, ladies didn't leave the house without gloves and cute little handbags and pumps. Now, I'm not saying I want to go back to that time, as we all know that I'm a firm believer in equal rights and the power of women and all that, and I loves me some pants and hates me some aprons.

I just think it was nice when there was a little more refinement. A little more polish. A little more class. I know Stef is screaming right now, but let me explain. I don't necessarily think we need to go back to gloves and pillbox hats and vacuuming in dresses and pearls. But low-rise pants, exposed thongs, bare midriffs, plunging cleavage...all those can go. I'd settle for neatly tucked-in shirts with cute belts and the like (such as what Map Girl wore on our last day in A2). Spandex should stay in the gym, and shouldn't even be produced in anything over a size 8. Full-length mirrors by the front door should be standard in every home, so people can check to see if their backsides are hanging out before inflicting their cellulite on the rest of us.

I just want a little decorum, people. Please.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh, yeah...it wasn't tucked in. She would dump my ass if I tucked in my shirt!!

And, no, plunging cleavage should NOT go!!!!

9:18 PM  

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