Friday, July 20, 2007

Art art art

Went to Art Fair It's absolutely amazing. I do believe it's larger than even I ever thought it could be. It's enormous. We walked around for hours and saw only a fraction of it. Stef really didn't do it justice when she told me, "It's huge." I mean, really, "huge" could mean any number of things. She really could have been more descriptive.

Despite walking myself silly, I did get a piece of art. Real art. How cool is that? It's a photograph by Xavier Nuez (pronounced "noo-ez") and it rocks. Here's his website. Go there and look at Alleys and Fire Escapes, then scroll down and find "Alleys and Fire Escapes #60 - Canyons." That's what I got. In 8x10 matted out to 11x14, thanks to Stef, who contributed a goodly portion as my birfday present. LOVE that! (Thank you, Pookie! You rock!)

So now we're back at Stef's, playing cards and drinking beer (more of the latter, actually), and just chilling. We were going to head up to Borders to check out the Harry Potter-mania that is taking place tonight, but based on how much we're all drinking, I do believe that we'll have to forgo it. I would like to state right here, right now, that I'm kicking major ass at Phase 10, even under the influence of Sol.

By the way, Stef got, as her birfday present, an awesome print by Roger Napier. If you check out his Web site, the print she got should pop up on the first page. It's the little green tree frog with the big red eyes. If it doesn't come up, click on "Gallery" and it'll be the second shot. Trust me, you can't miss it. It's fantastic, and I was happy to buy it for her birfday present. This will probably be the only time ever in our friendship that I got her a birfday present early.

Called back to The Lou and checked on Zozo, who is being thoroughly spoiled rotten by the first set of Grandparents to have her this weekend. It's hard to figure out who has the better I think that the Grandparents are in their glory.

Okay, gotta get back to my peeps. And by peeps I mean M, Stef, and Nicole, who is WAY cooler than I even imagined, which is pretty good considering that I knew already she was way cool. She even uses a Mac. Love her!

More tomorrow!


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