Monday, August 27, 2007

First Day!

M started the new job today. And All the technology a boy could ever want, a great work environment, nice people, free coffee...the works.

He seems very happy, which is good, because if papa ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

This weekend we did a bunch of work around the house on Saturday, and on Sunday we took Zozo to ride the Pacific Wabash train in Glencoe, MO. She loved it, as evidenced by her repeated "woo woooo!" train horn sound the rest of the day. Took lots of pictures, but haven't downloaded them yet (story of my life).

I just realized a few minutes ago that I hadn't posted today, and thought I should since lots of people have been on pins and needles awaiting the word about M's new job. I could write more, but I'm pretty tuckered out. Call M later this week if you want details. But not tonight. He's tuckered out, too.

Probably won't get to post tomorrow as I'll be at our O'Fallon location working the mammogram van event. BJC is bringing their giant pink bus to our spa and doing mammograms in the parking lot. Can't beat publicity like that. Got into a minor squabble with the landlord this afternoon when he decided at 4 p.m. that he didn't have the necessary documentation to prove he wasn't liable if someone got hurt during the mammogram van event and decided to sue him. I suppose the multi-million dollar certificate of insurance BJC provided a week and a half ago wasn't enough to suit him. Grrrr.

So, we're beat, and we're gonna watch Shatner overact for another episode of Star Trek and then hit the sack. We've watched enough of them now that we can predict with fair certainty what's going to happen, although it took all of two episodes to figure out that whatever new crewman is featured in the opening scene will die, typically within minutes. I'm also able to say, "He's dead, Jim," right along with Bones whenever he's surveying the newly slayed, unfortunate crewman.

It's no West Wing, but M would've shot me had I suggested we start watching them over again after the three months it took to get through them the first time.

So, live long and prosper. Or something like that.


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