Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I need a CAT-apult

My attempt to get a long, sound night's sleep was completely thwarted by a small furry creature we call, "Max."

The scene: our peaceful house.
The time: 3 a.m.
The sound: Me-yooooooooooooow. Me-yoooooooooooow. (Repeat ad nauseum)

If I would've been able to catch the little #$%&er, he probably would've been tossed outside. Even though he's been declawed for years.

I finally gave up the chase and put some more food in his already half-full bowl, which seemed to appease him. I think he just relished the thought of a little 3 a.m. chase with Maummy around the house, and once that was done he was good.

The vet ran every test imaginable on our little tribble, only to tell us, "It's purely psychological." Then she suggested some anti-depressants for him, at which I scoffed and said, "No way!" Yeah, at 3 a.m. this morning I was ready to feed him bear tranquilizers to get him to shut up.

Needless to say I woke up, grudgingly, a bit grumpy this morning. M said, "You'll feel better once you exercise!" Yes, I thought. Just get me there. So off I went and started my morning work out (exercise in?), and about three stations into it I commented, "Huh. It feels really warm in here this morning." "Oh yeah, that's 'cause the A/C broke yesterday. They took the motor and everything. Should be fixed around 2:30 though!" Grrr. 83 degrees doesn't sound warm, until you're exercising in it.

The day has, for various other reasons, devolved into the sort of miserable hell for which Mondays are famous. This being Tuesday, I have yet another reason to be grumpy...who wants to have two Mondays in a row?! Every single little thing is just grating on me right now. It's one of those rare times where I wish I had my own office, so I could close the door and hide from my coworkers until the storm passes.

I'm trying desperately hard to be my normal, chipper self, and failing miserably. There is only one fail safe, fool-proof thing that can get me out of this...and I'm IMing her now.


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