Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sippy Cup Therapy

Good news for Cardinal Nation: we've signed Carpenter for another five years! Yippeeeee!

Just a little baseball news to get us through this long, dull, baseball-less winter.

Nothing much to report. Mom Z got her power back late yesterday, and we forced her to stay at our house one more night while hers warmed up to a liveable temp. She and Zozo are hanging out there today, though. Have fun decorating for Christmas, Grandma!

This afternoon, Zozo has her first appointment with a sensory specialist, Dr. F's next step in resolving The Great Sippy Cup Dilemma. We're both on the edge of our seats, waiting to see what they're going to try that we haven't. I'm thinking it's not a sensory issue, really, as she was using the sippy cup regularly and just fine when we started her out with juice in it. It was when we tried to switch mealtimes to milk that we lost her. She gave up the bottle without a second look back, so it's not that. She took milk just fine out of the bottle, and will take it now off a spoon, so it's not that. We don't know what it is, but hopefully the "occupational therapist for babies" will have a clue. All attempted forms of sippy cup are in a plastic bag in the car, awaiting the visit this afternoon.

Totally cracking me up that we have to take our fifteen-month-old to an OT for help with the sippy cup. What's next...a baby shrink? "Zoe, have a seat here on the couch and tell me...what happened with a sippy cup when you were younger? What issues do you really have with the sippy cup, and how can we resolve them?" Is there a 12-step program for becoming reacquainted with a sippy cup? I've just resigned myself to the fact that the child will not drink any fluids until she goes off to college and discovers the therapeutic and educational effects of beer. You know, that theory that we all thought was soooo funny when we were in college: when you drink, you're killing off your weaker brain cells, thereby making your brain much more efficient. In essence, by drinking you make yourself smarter.

Just so you know, I am not endorsing beer for my toddler. Although at this point, liquid of any form out of a sippy cup would be a step forward...


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