Friday, December 01, 2006

Grand Lighting Postponed Indefinitely

Howdy folks. Bad news....we have to indefinitely postpone The 2006 Grand Lighting Party. We'd love to still have it tomorrow, but it would be a huge bummer since, well, we have no power. Nada. Zip. Big goose egg. Kinda hard to light a zillion lights with no electricity. We briefly discussed having M rig up some sort of crank feature, where he'd run like a big hamster in a wheel to power it, but that wouldn't work well because he'd probably just end up spilling his beer, which, as we all know, is a major party foul.

So, for the second time in less than six months, my little family of myself, my hubster, my small child and my two cats are homeless. Many thanks to Mama and Papa for housing the humans in the family, and to Dad and Judy for housing the felines.

Hopefully we can reschedule the party to next weekend, but given Ameren's predictions I'm not even sure that's possible.

I'll try to blog more later (I'm blogging from Mama's computer), but don't hold your breath. I'm on my second glass of wine and am determined to "feel no pain" this evening. Cheers!


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