Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dazed & Confused...but Healthy!

Got scoped this morning, and lemme tell ya...the stuff they shoot you up with before the procedure is magic. Magic! Don't remember a damn thing about it. Before we got started I asked Dr. R. if he has e-mail, as there is a hilarious video about colorectal surgeons I want to forward to him (that I received from Stef, whose sense of timing is impeccable), and I was out as he was answering. I don't think he has e-mail yet, but is going to get it. I don't even know if I was able to tell him about the hilarious video.

So, the good news is that everything looks just fine in there, but he did find a small 'roid or two that may be causing my issues. Not steroids, silly rabbit, those are for Canseco. The other kind. The kind that don't require you to go before a national congressional investigation committee and testify about, thankfully, because that would be awfully embarrassing. "I'm not here to talk about my...bottom. I'm here to talk about the future." (McGwire killed his HOF chances with his little mantra, I'm afraid, and lost many fans in the process. Tsk tsk...what a shame. But I digress.)

M was there for me, of course, and laughed at my drunken stupor post-procedure, but then took me to Steak 'n Shake so I could fill my completely empty gullet with a steakburger, fries, chili and a chocolate shake. Mmmmm. Tasty. Then it was home so I could pass out in bed for a little while to get my bearings and such.

Lots of thanks to Mama for driving through the parking lot this morning just to check on me (I know you've got that gene from Gran to where you're fine just as long as you get to see the "patient"). I should've known that you'd do're such a mom. It's good to feel loved and cared about, even though I didn't want anyone to see me in my no-makeup, dumpy-sweats, freaked-about-going-inside stage. So thanks for my good luck kisses (eskimo and the regular kind) and for worrying about me. Looking back, I'd probably have been rather disappointed if you hadn't driven by at all. But you probably already knew that, didn't you?!

Thanks too, to Mom & Dad Z for caring for Zozo for us last night, while M worked through the last rounds of his stomach issues and I got all cleared out. It was not a pretty night in the Z house, so it was good that Zozo didn't get tossed between the two of us while we took turns running for the bathrooms.

So that's it for me. I'm still feeling a bit loopy, but for the most part pretty darn good. Gonna go take another nap now, though. My husband lovingly just reprimanded me, "You're supposed to be resting." Because sitting in a cushy chair and typing on my beloved Mac is just so stressful. G'night!


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