Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm thankful for calendars, too

Today is Wednesday, but feels kinda like Friday because we're off tomorrow for Thanksgiving, which will make tomorrow feel like Saturday and Friday feel like Sunday, so Saturday will be very messed up because I'll feel like it's Monday when really I have two more days til I have to go back to work. That'll make next Monday feel very odd, coming back in after so many days off, so perhaps it'll feel like a Tuesday or even a Thursday.

Despite my internal calendary issues, I'm very thankful for Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for many things, as usual:

1. M and Zozo (it's very easy to be thankful for your husband and child when you have the best husband and the best child in the did I get so lucky?!).

2. Health, both physical and mental. M's Uncle Mark is going through a tough time right now with his physical health, but his mental health is astounding. He's an inspiration to us all, and I can only hope to be as "healthy" as he is. (We love you Uncle Mark!)

3. Family...especially our family, who graciously understands that it's too hard for us and for our little girl to try to hit three family functions in one day, making us rushed and tired and fussy and out of sorts and not enjoying ourselves at all, basically saying "hello...goodbye" to everyone, and who therefore understands and supports our need to go to a rotating holiday schedule for one-day holidays like Thanksgiving. This is our third year, which completes our first rotation, and although it's hard for us to have to miss any loved ones on the holiday, we are thankful for the love, support and understanding from all three families. You guys rock!

4. My job, which I love, and the topsy-turvy career that enabled me to get here and thrive. You know, when you go from working at a major non-profit that specializes in disaster relief to handling marketing for a day spa, you really get a true sense of what a real disaster is, and what, quite simply, isn't.

5. Friends, whom I also love, even though one of them is waaaay up there in Michigan and refuses to meet me at the Starbucks around the corner from my house on a regular basis.

6. AmerenUE, which supports M's annual exterior illumination habit and has worked tirelessly to recover from this past summer's storms so that he can put on yet another great display for Christmas.

7. Taco Bell (mmmm...crunchy tacos...)

8. My broken house, which despite it's quirks and creaks and groans provides a very nice shelter and a space for lots of great memories. I've decided that it's boring to live in a "normal" house, and much more fun to live in a broken house. Anyone can live in a normal, stable house. It takes a special family to reside in a broken house. That's what I tell myself, anyway.

9. Technology which allows me to share photographs quickly, efficiently and inexpensively, and share all the details of my oddities, peculiarities, musings and ramblings with loved ones and complete strangers alike.

10. The trials and tribulations of everyday life, which only serve to remind us how lucky we are in so many other ways, and which give a contrast to the good times, thereby making those good times even better.


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