Monday, November 27, 2006

I'm baaaaaaack

Back at work after a blog hiatus. Sorry 'bout that...just needed some time in front of the daughter, not the computer, you know? Completely blissed out on four days of Zoe Time. We had so much fun. She's really growing a lot now, and not just physically. Since she's been self-feeding, we've noticed her fine motor skills have improved quite a bit. She can do things she used to not be able to manage, such as putting the rings back on her stacker, and the gears back on their posts on her engineery-gear toy that Aunt Margaret gave her. She's on the verge of walking on her own, too. Still no sippy cup, though.

M is almost done with The Display. Many, many, many thanks to my FIL and my BIL (that would be Father in Law and Brother in Law) for all their help. There is no way M could have gotten as much done as he has without your help. You guys are true Elves! I'm also glad you guys could just spend some time together. Nothing says bonding like running 3+ miles of wire around/through a house.

Shout outs also go to:
  • Aunt Margaret and Uncle Jim for hosting yet another fabulous Thanksgiving.
  • Aunt Jo and Cloyd for hosting us out in the Land Where Everyone Gets Lost. We had a blast, once we finally found you!
  • Mama and Papa for having us all over Saturday for Rob Your Neighbor and treats. It ain't Thanksgiving if I don't go home with a bag o' crap.
  • Aunt Shelly for watching The Bug Friday, so we could go to a wedding and reception and have a blast.

The wedding we went to was the one I mentioned in a previous post, grousing about having to purchase a gift. Well, lemme just admit right here that I was wrong. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was a party to beat all parties, and everyone, no matter how beyotchy, should have a lovely wedding. The reception was held at Schlafly's Tap Room downtown on Locust, and was way, way cool. Great band called Power Play, lots of dancing and fun. The groom joined the band and played drums for "Soul Man." How fun is that?

Nothing much else to report. Just trying to get back in the groove of everyone else out there!

But listen, listen closely. Do you hear that? That sound of cheers and shouts of joy? M powered up the display last night to test it...and that sound you hear is the employees of Ameren applauding because with the test they know they'll get their annual bonus again...


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