Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Market this

It really stinks when your bad mood coincides with the monthly management meeting. "Here's your &^%$# marketing report."

However...the meeting was just fine, and I was allowed to sit quietly and observe for much of it, so my bad mood dissipated and now I'm feeling much better.

Thankfully it dissipated before my part of the meeting, so I was able to present in a calm, composed manner rather than being all testy and curt.

Nothing much else to report. The Sippy Cup Stand-Off continues. M's endless pursuit of exterior illuminatory excellence continues (many, many, many thanks to my FIL for all the hours he's putting in on this...we owe you big time!). The wedding plans continue (no thanks to the wankers at the USPS who, apparently, not only didn't hand cancel the invitations but then ran over them with their little postal trucks).

Two days til Turkey Day...gobble gobble! Can't wait to be induced into my tryptophan coma!


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